Custom G35 With Vaydor Body Kit For Sale

G35 Exotics has a new car that they build that uses a Infinty G35 Coupe as a donor car and a Vaydor Body Kit to turn it into one of the most aggressive looking cars there was for the money….

Thats right I said it this is a very reasonably prices maybe even the first reasonably priced exotic car that is under 100k this car looks as if it were in the 500k mark to be more exact

take a look at  it for yourself

It has the most stunning exteriors there is to date, without the expected price tag of… way to expensive

And so the Exotic Car Rental Industry has to be thinking constantly because this car can certainly beat them in the game because instead of renting a crazy expensive car what is the point if you can go out and make yourself one or even better have it ordered… if you would like that, because I know I would there is a company that makes them they do all the work for you from finding the donor car to installing the Vaydor Body Kit, and once you come to collect your car you can drive away in a super customized Infinity G35 with a Vaydor Body kit plus a very luxurious interior that come with the most awkward looking seats but are possibly the most comfortable seats that I have ever sat in and possibly the most comfortable seat there is on the market for long road trips… all complete for 70K price tag is not much considering that it looks like a million



Man I think I will get one soon…

If Exotic car rentals company’s are smart enough I think they will buy a few and rent them out for a thousand or something like that day because this car is seriously the best looking car that I have seen to date.


So if your considering it take a look at g35 Exotics they have some pretty turn key builds they do and they can build you the whole car all you have to do is show up and drive it away…

G35 Exotics 

If you want a customized vaydor package let them know they can hook you up with the whole deal.





G35 Exotics Vaydor Build